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Gold And Silver Bullion For Wealth Protection

January 28th, 2010 1 comment

Today’s YouTube video is very short – explaining why gold and silver bullion investment is an ideal choice for wealth protection. Dr Marc Dussault interviews Peter August, CEO of The Australian Bullion Company, to explain why high net worth individuals are buying gold and silver like never before. This is a series of interviews that you can view on our Australian Bullion Company YouTube Channel.

Video transcript: Gold and Silver Bullion For Wealth Protection

Hi, I’m Dr Marc Dussault, and you can see it’s November, we’re in 2009, I’m here with Peter August, the Managing Director of the Australian Bullion Company.

Peter I want to thank you, hello, yes of course.  We’ve been sitting here for about, well I won’t say how long we’ve been doing these tapes but it’s been a great morning here and what we’ve done is we’ve put together a handful of YouTube videos that you can access through clicking the bubbles that you’ll see on the YouTube videos.  And what we’ve done is we’ve explained why you would invest in silver and gold bullion.  And we’ve explained also the difference between numismatic coins, in other words coins that you collect, as well as these bars here that I do know now that these are bars and not coins; and to take you through the process of why you would invest in gold or silver bullion.

Now we’re talking about different things; if you would just summarize, just in one sentence why someone would invest in gold bullion, or silver bullion, compared to anything else, what would that be?

To protect their wealth, their hard earned wealth, in fragile financial times.

And when we say protection we’re talking about an increase of about 10% historically that you’d recommend people have in bullion…


In respect to their total value of their asset base, to now about 15 to 20%.  So you’re not saying sell all your stock, sell all your properties, but just increase the proportion of the gold and silver that you have within your portfolios.  Am I right?

Absolutely.  This is your insurance against calamity.  Okay, now I mean 10 years ago the risk of any kind of financial calamity, or geopolitical calamity was quite small so henceforth you had a very low gold price.  But that risk has increased dramatically. Read more…

Gold Price High

January 18th, 2010 No comments

This week’s video is an expert interview with Peter August of The Australian Bullion Company. Dr Marc Dussault, an Exponential Growth Strategist asks Peter why the gold price is high and why it’s expected to continue to rise in the future. If you’re interested in growing your wealth and protecting your investment portfolio, this 40minute YouTube video reveals what the rich and ultra wealthy are doing…

Video Transcript: GOLD PRICE HIGH

Hi, I’m Dr Marc Dussault and I’m here with Peter August, CEO and Managing Director of Australian Bullion Company. And we’re here videotaping a series of YouTube videos to explain certain things about gold investment. And this particular video is focused on why the price of gold has gone up so much, so quickly, at least in the eyes of the public.

This is an ounce of gold, about a year ago how much was this worth? Actually back in 2000 and in US dollars, how much was this worth in more or less the year 2000?

Okay. In more or less the year 2000 this was worth US$258.

So US$258.

That’s the low point that gold got to.

About a year ago how much was this same $258 asset that was purchased in 2000?

In US dollars it was about $800.

About $800; so from 250 to 800. Now how much is this worth today, November 2009, in US dollars?

It’s actually just at an all time high right now, so it’s $1,116. Read more…

Gold versus silver Investment part 2 of 2

January 12th, 2010 No comments

This second video follows on from Part 1 that discusses gold versus silver investment. In this second part video, Peter August of The Australian Bullion Company reveals why sophisticated investors buy silver and gold bullion to create and protect their wealth.


Hi, I’m Dr Marc Dussault and I’m here with the Managing Director of the Australian Bullion Company.

Hi, Marc.

I’m sorry?

I said, hi Marc.

Yes.  And his name by the way, this happens every once in a while when do these…

I do like to be polite.

His name is Peter August.  So I apologize for not using his name because obviously we know each other, but you might not know him.  So getting on to this, we’re doing a few, a series actually of YouTube videos.  And what I have here are silver bars and what I wanted to focus on, you started mentioning something and I stopped you at the end of another YouTube video, we’re talking about silver as another investment.  Now I was in the printing industry where silver was used fro photographic purposes in film.  And a lot of the industry thought, well when film goes the price of silver is gonna plummet; because obviously film was a big user of silver components within the actual film manufacturing process.

Okay, well just…

But that didn’t happen. Read more…

Reasons to Invest In Gold

January 4th, 2010 No comments

Peter August was recently interviewed by Exponential Growth Strategist Dr Marc Dussault for a series of YouTube videos explaining gold and silver investment strategies and why anyone who wants to increase their wealth should consider gold and silver bullion to protect their investment portfolio. Today’s 4-minute video briefly explains the reasons to invest in gold.

Reasons to Invest In Gold


Hi, I’m Dr Marc Dussault and I’m here with Peter August of Australian Bullion Company.  And the reason we created this YouTube video is I’ve been talking with Peter for quite a while that a lot of people think that gold investment is only for rich people.  So we just want to take 2 or 3 minutes very briefly and you’re gonna see the big words that Peter is gonna be pulling out of the thesaurus today.

I’ll try to keep them small.

Now this is just take 2 of this YouTube video by the way and take 1 was quite funny; and we went through a few points but let’s get started.  First of all there are 105 ounces here on the table and you can see the size cause this is just a regular blackberry mobile phone.  This is 20, 20, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10 and this is five 1 ounce gold coins.

Gold bars.

I’m sorry, gold bars.  So this is what it actually looks like, that’s what it sounds like.  And it’s actually very heavy; it’s an amazing thing to actually touch.  How much is this actually worth by the way?  What we actually have on the table here.

We’ve got well over $120,000. Read more…