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Fed ties rate pledge to a threshold as new stimulus set

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Ben Lincoln

Excerpt : / Pedro da Costa & Alister Bull

“(Reuters) – The Federal Reserve, announcing a new round of monetary stimulus, took the unprecedented step on Wednesday of indicating interest rates would remain near zero until unemployment falls to at least 6.5 percent.

It was the latest in a series of unorthodox measures taken by central banks around the world as major economies face erratic, sub-par recoveries from the global financial crisis and recession of 2007-2009.

The Fed said it expects to hold rates steady until its new threshold on unemployment was reached as long as inflation does not threaten to break above 2.5 percent and inflation expectations are contained.

The Fed’s actions initially gave a small lift to U.S. stocks prices, but the major stock indexes closed mostly unchanged, while government bond prices fell. Oil prices rose and the dollar weakened against the euro.”

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7 Top Gold Coins to Invest in Now: A Beginner’s Guide

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Knowing which gold coins are the most commonly traded will help to ensure your success as an investor. First of all the premiums for commonly traded coins are typically less than those for more rare coins. Additionally, there will be more buyers available when it comes time to sell. In this overview we will limit our discussion to gold bullion coins and leave numismatic (collector’s) coins out of the equation. Variables taken into consideration when compiling this list include current popularity and length of consistent mintages.

The American Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagles coins are the world’s most popular 22-karat gold coins, accounting for 80% of the gold bullion coins bought in America. They contain approximately 92% gold, 5% copper and 3% silver and all share a common design. They are available in fractional weights allowing even those on a tight budget to participate and enjoy their beauty.

The American Gold Buffalo

In mintage since 2006, it was the first of America’s 24-karat (0.9999 fine) gold coins. It is also considered to be one of the most pure gold coins in the world. The buffalo shown on the coin is thought to be that of a bison that was living at the Central Park Zoo in New York City at the time of its design.

The South African Krugerrand

Introduced in 1967, they were the first legal tender gold coins designed for private gold ownership. A Springbok, or “jumping antelope”, is portrayed on the reverse side. They were struck in only one ounce weight for the first thirteen years of mintage with fractional weights offered since then. To date, over 1,500 tons of these immensely popular coins have been struck.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Made from 99.99% pure gold, a few special editions have contained 99.999% pure gold. Those coins are the only gold bullion coins to have ever been minted with that level of purity. Intended to compete directly with the Krugerrand, the standard Canadian Gold Maple Leaf was introduced to the world in 1979 and is sold in fractional weights. Within four years of its launch it surpassed the Krugerrand in popularity and it is still one of the most heavily traded gold bullion coins in the world.

The Austrian Gold Vienna Philharmonic

First struck in 1989, this 24-karat gold coin has enjoyed huge popularity in Europe since its introduction.  It was originally struck in denominations of Austrian shillings but was converted to Euro denominations in 2002. It was the world’s best selling gold bullion coin for several years in the early to mid 1990′s and it still remains popular today.

The Chinese Gold Panda

First struck in 1982, its annual production is strictly limited by the Chinese government. Produced from 0.999 fine gold, the Chinese Gold Pandas have featured a different panda design every year except one. The incredible appeal of the panda bear and the numasmatic value created from limited production have made this an enormously popular gold bullion coin.

The Australian Gold Kangaroo

Also considered a collectible due to its limited mintage, it was released in 1990 as a replacement for the Gold Nugget which, since 1987, had been Australia’s standard gold bullion coin. The Australian Gold Kangaroo is struck from 24-karat gold and is offered in fractional weights. Its unique frosted design gives it a beautiful two-tone effect. Every year the kangaroo design is varied which adds to the coin’s collectible value. The Australian Gold Nugget and the Australian Gold Kangaroo have been very popular with investors since their introduction.

So whether you like kangaroos, pandas or symphony music, you really can’t go wrong with any of these top trading gold bullion coins. After all, there’s a reason that they are the most heavily traded gold bullion coins in the world.

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Termites Strike Gold

December 10th, 2012 No comments

Australian Termite Mound

CSIRO scientists have found that termites and ants are stockpiling gold in their mounds.

“Australia’s smallest and most numerous mining prospectors carry gold from deep underground up into their mounds and research has found they also accumulate metals in their bodies. Dr Aaron Stewart explains how they can help us find new mineral resources.”

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Money Minute – investing in gold

December 10th, 2012 1 comment

With the declining value of the US dollar, gold prices are continuing to soar. Today’s Finance Editor Ross Greenwood explains why investing in gold could be a smart decision for your future.

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RBA cuts rates to 3pc emergency low

December 4th, 2012 No comments


“The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut its official interest rate to 3 per cent, matching the record low of the global financial crisis, to spur an economy squeezed by falling commodity prices, the high dollar, moribund sentiment and government cutbacks.

Board members elected to lower the overnight cash rate by 0.25 of a percentage point from 3.25 per cent, as forecast by most economists.

Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said the Reserve Bank was clearly worried about non-mining investment, as well as business and consumer confidence.”

“The Reserve Bank wouldn’t be cutting interest rates if the economy, looking forward … was doing really well,” he said in Sydney. “These are emergency levels of interest rates and the Reserve Bank is catching a falling Australian economy where a government is not.”

Mr Hockey added that people with savings accounts and retires would not welcome Tuesday’s decision.”

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Investing in silver: A smart move in the current global economic scenario

December 4th, 2012 No comments

Excerpt : / Hassan Ahmed

“Many articles on silver that you will come across will talk about demand and supply of the metal without addressing the underlying fundamentals that drive it. The hybrid nature of silver as a half-precious and half-industrial metal makes its story slightly more complicated than other commodities.

Considering this dual nature of silver, and to understand what influences the price of this commodity, it is important to examine the factors that dictate the demand of industrial raw materials and the prices of precious metals. Since recent data paints a bullish picture for both, the smart investor should consider an investment in silver.”

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