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About Australian Bullion Company

The Australian Bullion Company (ABC) is an Australian-owned and operated precious metals wholesaler and retailer. Established in 1972, ABC is the oldest privately run precious metals company Australia. The ABC brand is well recognised in Australia and internationally and the company has a longstanding reputation for selling high quality and trustworthy products.

At ABC customers can buy, sell, and invest in physical gold, platinum, silver and collectable coins. In addition, ABC’s secure storage partnership offers customers a safe place to store their investments. ABC has experienced 150 per cent business growth since managing director Peter August took over the company in 2008.
What we offer:
  • easy access to precious metal bullion
  • ability to purchase and sell gold and silver bullion on the spot
  • competitive daily pricing
  • opportunity to place future orders
  • operational storage accounts to purchase and sell physical gold and silver
  • ability to enable customers to buy and sell over the phone
  • instant cash payment on all bullion and jewellery purchases
  • highly secured, armoured truck safe premises
  • the main alternative safe haven investment option
  • access to skilled industry specialists
  • our extensive industry expertise dealing in the bullion market
  • free appraisals on your unwanted precious metal jewellery
  • fully insured storage facilities for our customers

We are but a phone call away or contact us by email by clicking on the "Contact Us" button below in the right hand corner of the page - we look forward to hearing from you.